Doane's Valley Pharmacy, a part of Cashmere

Doane’s Valley Pharmacy has been an established members of the Wenatchee River Valley since the 1950’s. We’ve been filling prescriptions from the very beginning, and selling home medical equipment for the past 25 years. Doane’s Valley Pharmacy is located in Cashmere, Washington, a small community just east of the Cascade Mountains, surrounded by the finest pear and apple orchards in the world. Stop by our location on Cottage Avenue and see what it’s like to get served by people who are like your neighbors.

We start by answering the phone—not a machine but a real person. Doane’s Valley Pharmacy goes the extra mile to provide a positive experience for you—beautiful gift wrapping for that important person, the extra call to the insurance to solve billing problems, special ordering that hard-to-find item, a picture of your group indulging at the soda fountain.

Experienced pharmacists on-hand

Doane’s Valley Pharmacy’s 13 pharmacy employees are here to provide you with the best customer service anywhere, period. Some have been with Doane’s Valley Pharmacy for 20, years or more. We try to know you by name and care for you personally. That’s hard to find in this modern world.

The pharmacists at Doane’s Valley Pharmacy are highly knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical field, and want to make sure you understand your medications. They take time out of the day to answer any questions you may have about your drug treatment. You can also call us with any inquiries or concerns.